Corpse Princess Wiki
Toya (Corpse Princess)
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Shikabane
Affiliation Shichisei
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Teal
Status Deceased
Weapons Balloons
Japanese Voice Sumire Morohoshi
English Voice Jamie Marchi

Toya is the most bizarre looking Shikabane of the Shichisei. She appears to be a man covered in a coat, but where a head should be, there is a cluster of balloons. Her curse allows her to manipulate the minds of people. She can also place balloons on people that causes their happiness to grow, until it reaches its peak. At that point, the person dies.

In the anime adaptation, Toya would later be revealed to be a little girl from a very poor family. One day, she and her parents suddenly went to an amusement park for a fun day before they committed suicide. For some reason, her parents poisoned her soda. As a result, Toya viewed death as happiness. According to Hizuchi, she does not realize she is dead. Later in the last episode, she eventually questions herself about her happiness, causing her own balloon to pop into a monstrous form before being killed by Kanechika Umehara.