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Tomoharu Kishibe
Tomoharu Kishibe
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Shikabane
Affiliation None
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Black
Status Deceased
Weapons None
Japanese Voice Anri Katsu
English Voice Scott Freeman

Tomoharu Kishibe was initially a normal teenage student who only appears in the anime adaptation. He was a friend of Takamasa Sogi and Itsuki Yamagami during their high school years. He died in a car accident with his parents and sister when a group of teenage drivers made them fall off the cliff. He gained the power to control the engines of 4WDs and 2WDs. He used his power to kill those teens. After that, he began targeting teenagers who liked to drive fast and their spectators. Four years later, he was finally killed by Sogi and Itsuki near the end of episode four of season two.