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Shikabane Himes in the anime adaptation

Shikabane Hime (屍姫 Corpse Princess) are Shikabane who are contracted to the Kōgon Sect.


The founder of the Kōgon Sect created the first Shikabane Hime, trying to revive his daughter from the grave. The monks use the same scripture the founder used, unable to change it. Therefore, only girls similar in age and form to the founder's daughter may become Shikabane Hime.  


Each of them is partnered with a contracted monk, who sustains them with life energy called Rune. In exchange, the Shikabane Hime act as shields for their contracted monk. They are used to hunt and kill rogue Shikabane. In fact, once they kill 108 Shikabane, they receive the reward of going to Heaven (this number may be from the number of sins in Buddhism). It is later revealed however, that Shikabane Hime going to heaven after killing 108 was just a lie. They simply become destroyer Shikabane that cannot be killed. They are stolen away in secret from their contracted monks and sealed in coffins, while their monks are told that they have gone to heaven. With the exception of Akira, Shikabane Hime are forbidden to kill humans, which goes the same for their contracted monks.

Shikabane Hime keep their human forms but do still have their own curse that occasionally manifest. Makina Hoshimura is the only known Shikabane Hime with a curse, with her being able to take life energy from Ouri Kagami, her contracted monk, and turn it into power that allows her to regenerate and go on a rampage killing Shikabane.

Unlike rogue Shikabane, Shikabane Hime are not driven by their regrets or obsessions to the same degree of madness. If their partner monk dies and a replacement is not forthcoming, however, the Shikabane Hime usually dies or become Shikabane. Unfortunately, this happened to Minai Ruo, who was killed by Sadaharo and Akira. Despite their contribution to the fight against the rogue Shikabane, they are shunned by most of the Kōgon Sect followers as 'defiled', due to their nature as undead Shikabane.

A secret catalyst binds the Shikabane Hime to their contracted monks. When the catalyst was destroyed, their bonds were broken, but it was later revealed that it is the Shikabane Hime's wills that bind them to their monks.

Known Shikabane Himes[]