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A Shikabane

Shikabane (屍 Corpse) are reanimated entities filled with powerful regret or obsession, but retain some degree of memory and intelligence. Those who turned from recently-deceased may retain their appearances from their previous lives, but necrosis and/or mutations in conformance to their obsessions would otherwise take hold. Sorcery, such as those practiced by Ena, would even greatly alter their appearances from that of a human. They possess superhuman strength and an unique ability or attribute called a curse.

Shikabane have no feeling towards the living and tend to kill them as driven by their regret or obsession. A Shikabane can be killed by destroying or otherwise severing their brains, usually at the hands of a Shikabane Hime. Alternatively, most Shikabanes would have their obsessions weakened over time and forgotten in about seven to eight years, at which point they will cease to exist.

Known Shikabanes[]