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Set Your Heart Aflutter
Air date November 27, 2008
Kanji その胸にトキメキを
Romanji Sono Mune ni Tokimeki wo
Episode 9
Season 1
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Set Your Heart Aflutter (Sono Mune ni Tokimeki wo その胸にトキメキを) is the ninth episode of season one of the Shikabane Hime anime adaptation. It premiered on November 27, 2008.


Makina saves a group of students exploring a haunted building from a Shikabane named Bandit. Nozomi Kazuka (nicknamed Omune-sama), becomes infatuated with Makina and obssessed with death. Later, Ouri questions an uncommunicative Makina about what happened Minai. Curious about Ouri's compassion for Shikabane Hime and sensitivity to Shikabane, Makina approaches Keisei. He describes Ouri's first appearance at the orphanage at the age of three; Ouri was disaffected and detached from the world until he rescued a cat crying by the riverbed. Shortly afterwards, the cat was tragically run over by a car. Ouri, deeply affected by this incident, became keenly aware of death. Meanwhile, Kazuka, obsessed with Makina, tracks her down and makes a bid for her favor, bad-mouthing Ouri and suggesting he could never know Makina like she does. Makina rejects Kazuka and retorts by stating that Ouri knows more about her.