Corpse Princess Wiki
Rika Aragami
Age 23
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Kōgon Sect
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Status Alive
Weapons Metal Claws
Japanese Voice Saeko Chiba
English Voice Cynthia Cranz

Rika Aragami (荒神 莉花 Aragami Rika) is the Contracted Monk of Saki Amase and the only female monk of the Kōgon Sect. She fights with claws attached to her hands that can rake someone in the face. She can also release strings that immobilize people.


In the past, Rika was once a childhood friend of Saki and would frequently play together despite her mother restrictions since she is one of the Great Holy Families who are forbidden to interact with the general public. During an accident with fireworks, Saki was severely burned and later died from her injuries. Shortly after her death, Rika had Saki’s body frozen into preservation. When Rika completed her training to become a monk, she resurrected Saki as a Shikabane Hime.


Rika is first introduced in chapter 5 of the manga when she and Saki were dispatched by Sougen Takamine to meet up with Keisei for the investigation concerning the traitor monk, Akasha Shishidou. She is one of the ten Great Holy Families, which are the descendants of the ten senior disciples of the Founder and obligated to become contracted monks to a Shikabane Hime. She is well known for her ability to heal others, and her inability to button her shirt, which exposes her abundant bust.


  • The name Rika means "white jasmine" (莉) (ri) and "flower, blossom" (花) (ka).
  • Rika's surname Aragami means "rough" (荒) (ara) and "god" (神) (kami/gami).


  • Rika has Type O Blood.
  • Rika's height is 171cm and her weight is 55kg.
  • Rika's age is 23 (birthday is April 3rd).
  • Rika likes flowers and spring cleaning.
  • Rika dislikes caterpillars and dirty places.
  • Rika's specialty is cooking (and has a license for it).
  • Rika is currently enrolled in graduate school.