Corpse Princess Wiki
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Shikabane
Affiliation None
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status Deceased
Weapons None
Japanese Voice Susumu Chiba (千葉 進歩)
English Voice Jeff Johnson

Mitsuyoshi was Sumitori's friend in high school who only appears in the anime adaptation. Originally part of the kendo team, Mitsuyoshi felt he was not liked and drifted away, often describing his feelings on a blog. One day, he accidentally electrocuted himself to death, but his regrets made him into a Shikabane. Acting on his isolation, he began to think of himself as an immortal sent to punish the wicked, he went on a killing spree.

Ouri, who happened to see Mitsuyoshi's blog, began to suspect he was a Shikabane and sent him an e-mail - 'Did you die?'. Mitsuyoshi just happened to appear and attacked Ouri, who was then joined by Minai and Makina, the latter who was still recovering from the previous encounter with Akasha. However, the two Shikabane Himes were having trouble destroying Mitsuyoshi because he has a very unique curse, which cause every blow he felt to be felt instead by his opponent. But he was overcome when Ouri called Sumitori on his cellphone, who asked Mitsuyoshi to come back to the kendo club. Near the end of episode seven, when Mitsuyoshi was easily distracted by Ouri's phone call from Sumitori, Minai was able to destroy Mitsuyoshi with a blow to his head. Makina couldn't make the kill because she was forbidden to without Keisei's permision.