Corpse Princess Wiki
Minai Ruo
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Shikabane Hime
Affiliation Kōgon Sect
Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Purple
Status Deceased
Weapons Iron Gauntlets
Japanese Voice Yuka Hirata
English Voice Colleen Clinkenbeard

Minai Ruo (瑠翁水薙生) was Isaki's Shikabane Hime who only appears in the anime adaptation. Her weapon of choice were a pair of iron gauntlets, which enhances her punching power.


In the OVA, Minai's past is revealed of how she became a Shikabane Hime. Minai was in an abusive relationship. Her boyfriend taunted her, saying she belonged to him. When Minai reached for a knife, he mocked her, saying she didn't have the guts to use it. She then, stabbed him but, became heartbroken when she committed suicide by jumping off a tall building. Soon after, the Kōgon Sect got ahold of her. She was intended to be Keisei's Shikabane Hime, but Isaki volunteered to be her contracted monk. From the start, Minai was doubted as to whether or not she could be a Shikabane Hime because her contract was incomplete. Isaki and Minai had to have a bond before the contract or else it would be meaningless. So Sadahiro and Akira were both sent to investigate. Near the end of the OVA, it was revealed that Isaki didn't lie about he having a bond with her; they had indeed met in the past. When Minai was a girl, her parents were often busy, so she would often stay at Isaki's relative's restaurant. Isaki, a boy, also stayed there and would sometimes bake her favorite cake. Isaki didn't get along with his brother, so he would often stay at the restaurant. Although he treated Minai like a tool, he did actually care for her.


In the anime adaptation, Minai made her first debut on episode 2 when she, Isaki and Keisei were dispatched to investigate a number of murder cases involving 3 missing shikabane children who mysteriously escaped from their funerals. She often recieved harsh treatment from Isaki regardless of how loyal she does her job for him. In episode 8, after Minai finished her battle against Mitsuyoshi, she would believed that her becoming a Shikabane Hime was a punishment for her sins. But after Ouri managed to convinced her from her sympathy, she finally came to see it as a way to save others and would grow close to Ouri. But before a relationship could be formed, Isaki was killed by a group of punks he earlier antagonized and therefore reverting back to a rogue Shikabane. Despite Sadahiro's offer to help her transferring her bond to Ouri, she ultimately allowed herself to be terminated by Sadahiro's Shikabane Hime, Akira, rather than taking up the offer or reverting to a rogue Shikabane. Because Isaki had died in the line of duty, Minai was allowed proper burial rites, including a burial cloth.