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Li Hong Lin
Li Hong Lin
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Shikabane
Affiliation Unclean Bunch
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Unknown
Status Living Dead
Weapons Unknown
Japanese Voice None
English Voice None

Li Hong Lin is a Chinese vampire witch shikabane who is one of the 5 Founders of the Unclean Bunch organization under the Unholy King, Sugamimaen. She is knowledgeable in taoist magic, which she uses to prevent her eventual death in battle. Her source of magic are ten silver rings that protect her from the "ten forms of death" - burning, suffocation, freezing, electrocution, poison, illness, starvation, being crushed, being shot by firearms and being attacked by sharp objects.

Behind her sadistic nature lies in her sad past. When she was alive, she was nearly eaten by her own family and surviving villagers due to a plague that killed off almost the entire village. She then, escaped into the valley and was left to die, until she met a Taoist Priest, who attained immortality via the same magic she uses. But, she was forced to make a decision whether she becomes his slave or die in the mountains. Li Hong chose to survive and ended up being his maid, which implied sexual abuse as well. Li Hong then learns his magic on the sly and finally killed the priest when she attained immortality and mastered everything. Since then, Li Hong lived an immortal life, randomly killing people as time passes.