Corpse Princess Wiki
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Shikabane
Affiliation Kōgon Sect
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Black
Status Deceased
Weapons Shakujō Staff
Japanese Voice Isshin Chiba
English Voice Chad Hallbrook

Kurai was one of the monks from the Kōgon Sect who only appears in the anime adaptation. He has a stronger hatred towards Shikabane Hime. The mark over his left eye showed his level of spiritual attainment before gaining enlightenment while he worries about achieving it. When Akasha attacked the chamber containing Makina following the death of Keisei, Kurai tried to stop him and was killed, but was immediately resurrected as a Shikabane. Ouri, who followed Kurai in, gave Makina some of his Rune, as she was suffering from holding on to Keisei's stale Rune, and she was able to quickly destroy Kurai near the end of episode one of season two.