Corpse Princess Wiki
Kun Osaki
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Shikabane
Affiliation None
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Red
Status Deceased
Weapons None
Japanese Voice Mayumi Iizuka
English Voice Brina Palencia

Kun Osaki (御咲 君 Ōsaki Kun) was a J-Pop star who died of a heart disease and only appears in the anime adaptation. She became a Shikabane because she wanted to keep singing. Her manager used his yakuza connections to keep Osaki's death quiet, as well as any deaths that occured around her. She is angered when her song is interrupted or when someone does not listen to her music. Her response to this is usually to kill the person who caused it. She can use her voice as a weapon. She was finally destroyed by Makina Hoshimura, with aid from Keisei Tagami near the end of Episode 4.


  • The name Kun means "you" (君).
  • Kun's surname Osaki means "honorable" (御) (o) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).