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Keisei Tagami
Keisei Tagami
Age 33
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Kōgon Sect
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Red
Status Deceased
Weapons Shakujō Staff
Japanese Voice Keiji Fujiwara
English Voice J. Michael Tatum

Keisei Tagami (田神 景世) was the former Contracted Monk of Makina Hoshimura from the Kōgon Sect and the adopted brother of Ouri Kagami who raised him at the Dai-Rin Orphanage which is right across the Sekku Temple. He is also the former friend of Akasha Shishidou and Sadahiro Mibu during their early years of training.


Keisei made his first appearance in chapter 1 of the manga when he was discussing Makina about their mission concerning the man-eating house apartment where a group of shikabanes lurk there to attack unexpected visitors. During the first half of the manga, Keisei was Makina's contracted monk after her family was brutally murdered by the Shichisei. After their contract was completed, Keisei would make a promise to help her gain entrance into heaven by killing 108 shikabanes despite Ouri's involvement. In chapter 14, Keisei would later get killed at the hands of Akasha and Shimen from the Unclean Bunch organization after their battle was hard fought. However, before his last breath, Keisei manage to transfer his contract to Ouri in order to prevent Makina from reverting to a rogue shikabane. He would later be cremated during his funeral by the Kōgon Sect after Ouri is officially declared as a contracted monk of Makina.

In the anime adaptation, Keisei first appeared in episode 1 when he along with a group of monks immediately enters the Sekku Temple where Makina is shown lying dead in front of the Buddhist statue. He would then save her by giving his own rune which sustains her with life energy while Ouri hides behind the statue and watches the whole scene. He was something of a pervert, often offering (or forcing upon) Ouri sexual posters or skin magazines. Later in episode 12, Keisei would get killed at the hands of Akasha and Kowaku from the Shichisei after he transferred his contract to Ouri. Following his death, the Kōgon Sect granted him the rank of Gon Sojo due to his heroic efforts.


  • He had Type O Blood.
  • His height was 184cm and his weight was 80kg.
  • His age was 33 (born January 11th).
  • His favorite food included pickled Japanese plum with tea, salted snacks, Japanese sake.
  • His specialties included flying kites and raising giant stag beetles.
  • After attending middle school, he went to a low rated high school at the Kōgon Sect. After graduating from there, he began to practice priesthood.
  • After death he was promoted from Sho Sojo to Gon Sojo in the Kōgan Sect.