Corpse Princess Wiki
Kamika Todoroki
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Shikabane Hime
Affiliation Kōgon Sect
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Status Living Dead
Weapons Dual Katanas
Japanese Voice Yui Horie
English Voice Terri Doty

Kamika Todoroki (轟旗 神佳, Todoroki Kamika), nicknamed "The Sword Princess", is Takamine's shikabane hime from the Kōgon Sect. She has been referred to as one of the oldest and strongest shikabane hime not necessarily for the level of her strength, but her strong regret. She mainly fights with dual katanas, which she's capable of destroying multiple shikabanes with a single blow. She is sometimes by Takamine's desk, helping out with work.


  • The name Kamika means "god" (神) (kami) and "good, beautiful" (佳) (ka).
  • Kamika's surname Todoroki means "A loud noise sounds and crackles" (轟) and "flag" (旗).