Corpse Princess Wiki
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Shikabane
Affiliation Shichisei
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black (right), Red (left)
Status Living Dead
Weapons None
Japanese Voice Chika Fujimura
English Voice Brina Palencia

Hokuto (北斗(ほくと)) is a strong shikabane and the true leader of the Shichisei. Unlike other shikabanes, she absolutely has no regrets, obsessions or even nature within her. Her death however, makes her one of the most dangerous, yet powerful shikabane around.


Hokuto resembles a young girl (Around 15-16 years of age) with a large bust. She wears a typical white/red kimono and has short pinkish white hair. She also has heterochromatic eyes. Her right eye has black iris with red pupils while her left eye has red iris with black pupils. Before she was killed, she had dark brown eyes.


In the past, Hokuto was raised as a human sacrifice; born to be killed as a child. She had a rough life who never experienced grief, pain, sadness or even happiness. Immediately after being killed, she is reborn as a shikabane and starts slaughtering everyone within sight.


In the anime adaptation, during Hokuto's first battle with Makina, Hazama reveals to her that Makina's ancestor was responsible for killing Hokuto as a human sacrifice. This is why Hokuto often refers to Makina as my enemy. In Hazama's words, the Hoshimura family was responsible for creating Hokuto. Hokuto was also the daughter of the Hoshimura family and therefore, both she and Makina have the same blood. The whole process for making Hokuto her enemy was also a major part of Hazama's plan to destroy the Kōgon Sect.

Later, Hokuto would eventually become Akasha's Shikabane Hime after he sabotages Hazama's plan in order to atone for killing his fiancée. However, Hokuto immediatley kills him when Akasha rejects her by worrying about his fiancée which causes her to revert back to a Shikabane.

In the last episode of season two, after the Shichisei is nearly destroyed by the Kōgon Sect, Hokuto and Hazama both managed to escape to an abandoned complex, but was tracked down by Makina and Ouri. The series finally ends with her and Makina continuing their battle, with Makina saying that she will make Hokuto remember what it means to be dead and alive following with an abrupt cliffhanger.


  • The name Hokuto means "north" (北) (hoku) and "Template:Wiki" (斗) (to).