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Gregorio Vlaupnir
Chapter 17 - Gregorio Vlaupnir
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Shikabane
Affiliation Unclean Bunch
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Unknown
Status Deceased
Weapons Rapier Sword
Japanese Voice None
English Voice None

Gregorio Vlaupnir is a vassal to Devlort Aegis and his family and is one of the 5 Founders of the Unclean Bunch organization under the Unholy King, Sugamimaen. He served his family for over 300 hundred years and fights with a rapier sword. Although he is a Shikabane, Gregorio strictly obeys a code of chivalry and would do anything to help his current master, Aegis, regain control of the world like how his family used to in the past.

He died shielding an fatal attack meant for Aegis, his blood was then sucked dry from his dying body by Aegis, via Gregorio's own dying request.