Corpse Princess Wiki
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Shikabane
Affiliation Shichisei
Hair Color Dark Green
Eye Color Olive
Status Deceased
Weapons Metal Ball
Japanese Voice Michi Niino
English Voice Todd Haberkorn

Ena is an androgynous shikabane from the Shichisei who is obsessed with beauty. His curse allows him to switch from one corpse to another, as long as they are nearby. He also fights with a metal ball that can grind things into dust. Akasha once commented on Ena being a theatrical performer.

In the anime adaptation, Ena was responsible for killing Keisei when he possessed Ouri and stabbed him. In episode 6 of season two, he was later killed by Makina when she manage to break his spinning metal ball which is the source of his curse. This is due to Makina's new constant regeneration by Ouri's rune. Before Makina finishes her final blow, Ena's flashback would reveal that he committed suicide because he did not have true beauty and would transplant different corpses to his body.