Corpse Princess Wiki
Diflot Eigis
Chapter 17 - Devlort Aegis
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Shikabane
Affiliation Unclean Bunch
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Status Living Dead
Weapons Unknown
Japanese Voice None
English Voice None

Diflot Eigis is the only surviving heir of one of the strongest families of vampires in Europe and is one of the 5 Founders of the Unclean Bunch organization under the Unholy King, Sugamimaen. He has a appearance of a young man with an aura of nobility. He fights alongside with his vassal, Gregorio Vlaupnir, an older brother figure whom he calls "Rio" for short. His powers grew immensely large as he completely drains the blood of a dying Gregorio, which awakens Aegis's vampiric nature. Despite that power, he was quickly subdued and sealed in a coffin for "future negotiations".