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At the End of the Dangerous Run
Air date November 6, 2008
Kanji 妖走の果て
Romanji Yōsō no Hate
Episode 6
Season 1
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Traitor Monk
The False Power of Words

At the End of the Dangerous Run (Yōsō no Hate 妖走の果て) is the sixth episode of season one of the Shikabane Hime anime adaptation. It premiered on November 6, 2008.


Makina defeats the SUV Shikabane after being assisted by Keisei, who violated his suspension in doing so. The traitor priest is revealed to be Akasha Shishidou, a member of the Kōgon Sect who went rogue due to his radical views regarding Shikabane Himes. In desperation, Keisei turns a dark artifact being used by Akasha against him, temporarily routing the rogue priest, but at great cost to his own health. Ouri narrowly avoids a sniper's bullet from an third Shikabane Hime team observing the battle from above. The entire Kōgon Sect is shocked to learn that Akasha has resurfaced. Keisei is reinstated but is recovering from the psychic backlash of using the dark artifact.